Another phenomenal solution to replace missing teeth. Mini dental implants are made of the same material as regular implants, but just narrower. For those patients who lack bone, it is an ideal treatment that requires no surgery, no bleeding, and immediate results. It is more affordable and clinically proven to have a success rate greater than 90%.

Mini-dental implants, otherwise known as MDIs, are used when regular implants will not work. They were introduced ten years ago and continue to be a good alternative to traditional implants due to their small size. Regular implants are normally 3.75 mm, while mini-dental implants range from 1.8 to 3 mm.

The placement of MDIs is significantly different from traditional ones. Typically you can get the whole procedure done in one day, instead of having to make multiple visits. It is a minimally invasive procedure, unlike traditional implants, which requires cutting into your mouth tissue. Instead, the mini-dental implants are drilled into your gums.

MDIs are used mostly for the stabilization of loose dentures, though they are also used to successfully treat single tooth replacements. They are also used for maxillofacial prosthetics and as temporary anchorage devices for orthodontic therapies.

Mini Dental Implants can be used in varies cases:

  • To stabilize both complete dentures as well as partial dentures
  • To replace congenitally missing teeth(upper laterals)
  • To replace teeth where there is not enough bone for a regular implants

Dr. Daniel Hwang has the experience and flexibility to use both regular and mini dental implants depending on the patients bone quality and finances.

Mini-dental implants are more affordable since they can be done in one visit and are less invasive.

If you have any questions about MDIs or want to see if this type of implant might be a viable option for you, please contact us today.

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