Teeth while you wait!

Imagine a situation in which you fell and broke your two front teeth and they can not be saved.

What are your options?

  • Remove 2 teeth and wear a removable “flipper” for 6 months waiting for the bone to heal?
  • Remove 2 teeth and get 6 unit bridge which involves shaving down 4 adjacent good teeth?
  • Remove 2 teeth and immediately get 2 dental implants placed with a fixed temporary crowns?

Obviously, the last option would be most ideal. Recent advances in dental implant technology allow placement of dental implants immediately following extraction of teeth. No need for multiple surgeries, injections, and pain.

Another scenario would be when all your teeth are hopeless from periodontal disease and caries and they need to be removed but you do not want to wear a denture. We can remove all your teeth, place dental implants at strategic locations, and place a beautiful non-removable temporary bridge on the same day! This way you can go back to work the next day with a confident smile and a normal speech.

Dr. Daniel Hwang utilizes special dental implants that are specifically designed for immediate loading. The thread pattern and pitch of our implants are purposely designed to immediately maximize bone to thread contact. These special implants immediately “lock” into bone at placement.

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